5 soundtrack songs that were replaced at the last minute (Vol. IV)

5 soundtrack songs that were replaced at the last minute (Vol. IV) MOVIEBOOZER

Previously we have shown you movies and TV shows where songs were swapped out at the last minute: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 . While awesome (both original and replacement music), we found even more deserving tv shows and movies who decided to go another way musically. And that includes...


The final score from Troy was orchestrated by James Horner: Cinematic, ancient-y music that we've heard before at least a few times in other movies.


However, Gabriel Yared originally composed it, going for a more grander, 'swords and sandals' type of vibe far more appropriate for a movie like Troy.


So what happened? Well, when the movie with Yared's score was test marketed audiences hated it. With only a few months to the premiere, Horner was called in and made a soundtrack in for weeks. Yared spent more than a years on his, but since the new soundtrack was more accepted, it won out.


Even if you've never seen the movie, you've seen parodies of it: A new guy in New York City getting used to everything and trying to settle in to a montage. Movies such as Borat have covered it. And the song behind that montage? Everybody's Talkin' by the late, great Harry Nilsson.

Despite being so well known, it wasn't always the first choice. The first choice was always Bob Dylan's Lay Lady Lay.


But it wasn't the studio, crew or director who stopped it – it was Dylan himself, and completely by accident too. He was late in turning in the song, and by the time he got it in, Everybody's Talking was subbed in.


1995: After a 6 year hiatus, Bond was back. Brosnan was in as Bond. Sean Bean was the villain. M was a woman. And introducing everyone to the fall of Communism/the movie was Tina Turner:


Since this was, well, James Bond coming back, naturally Turner wasn't the only one who tried to grab the title theme. Ace of Base, of all bands, was the other serious contender, submitting their song 'The Juvenile':

In the end Turner won out. Her rendition was more Bond-like and producers favored her. Plus it reached number 2 on the charts in the US, which even for a Bond song, is pretty damn good.


“Mother Simpson” is often cited as one of the best Simpsons episodes ever. Homer finds, bonds with and later loses his mother again in an entire episode, with a Futurama-like sad/sweet ending to boot. But since the show needs to be funny, they have scenes like Mr. Smithers accidently taping over Mr. Burns' invasion music:

With none other than ABBA's 'Waterloo':

But Abba, surprisingly, was a backup. Since the music was meant to hint at Smithers' sexuality, Wham's 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' was initially chosen:

However, there were two major roadblocks. One was the song being a little too obvious. The other was the songs rights being too expensive. An older song fit with the whole 60's/70's vibe of the episode, and overall, fit in much better than an 80's song.


In 1968, Stanley Kubrick was making a small little film called 2001: A Space Odyssey and needed a great soundtrack to bring the film together. He put together a bunch of placeholder music – music he thought fit in with his vision that would be about what he would want in the film. For the opening he chose Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss:

Famed composer Alex North (of Spartacus fame) was assigned by Kubrick and made his own take of the mixtape he received, making a more gladiatorial sounding opening:

Seeing the final product, Kubrick decided to not use North's score, since he had so perfectly Guardians of the Galaxy-ed his own perfect soundtrack. North didn't even know about it until opening night. While good, North just couldn't outdo existing grandest.

The best song in movies can influence movies forever. Original songs make us groove to familiar classics and original songs set the mood. These changed those songs, and from what we can tell, it was for the better.

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