Review: 'Beasts Battle 2' (PC)

Review: 'Beasts Battle 2' (PC) IGG GAMES

Turn based strategy games can go in lots of different directions. Some play it by the book, pick a generic fantasy cast of characters and let go what comes natural. Others go off beat and get attacks and defenses that are wildly original but also obviously show signs of faults through limited testing. Beasts Battle 2 finds a sweet spot – a mix of originality and time tested gameplay to make it just right.

When the evil Necromancer is set on conquering the world and enslaving everyone, it's up to you and your fighting animal friends to take him down. I'm not sure how much more I can say about this. Evil guy is set to do something evil, you have to stop them. From a story perspective, it's easy fair. You can guess at what's going to happen. It could have been better, but at least there's some sort of plot to tie it all together. Plus you get to team up with humanoid wolves and tigers and bears and things – that's always fun.

Graphics bothered me a bit. Instead of opting for more realistic or varied, they went with cartoonish things. They aren't bad, but it just doesn't mesh. The graphics look more at home on a game targeted for younger people, even though this game isn't exactly rated G. There's very little variance, and the movements everywhere are pretty generic. It's not bad – they're effective and they make sense, but the whole style and copy/paste animals doesn't seem to fit. It seemed like something you'd get on a free game online somewhere.

Gameplay is turn based on a grid, and there's not much wrong with it. Attacks clearly show where damage is going and everything. The travel the world via a line is obviously taken from numerous other games, but it works. Generally you go around attacking each themed area until the boss. There's nothing really innovative here – attacks and everything are standard – but it's not breaking it down either. The animal angle makes it unique, and with themed attacks, yes, it makes it just enough to be more than the usual.

The controls are fine. Based on Steam, there's not much you can do to screw up turn based fighting. It's yet another game you can go into not knowing what the controls are and playing though just fine with little trial and error.

The sounds and music are pretty average. I usually go in-depth on music, but the best I can describe it here is “Standard fantasy music”. Think of fantasy music. Hear it in your head? Now you know the games soundtrack. Sounds are fine, but have that one note problem. I appreciate including animals growls and things too, but like weapons and attacks, its one sound for the same thing over and over again. Does the job, but not above and beyond.

The frame rate of Beasts Battle 2 was fine. The characters themselves appear jerkily that's to the graphics effects, but that's just how it is. Nothing really bad about the game either – it plays just fine. No glitches I saw – it played, all in all, pretty smoothly.

I actually enjoyed Beasts Battle 2 – the animal angle made it much fresher than I thought it was going to do. The graphics bothered me a bit, and they aren't treading on any new ground, but it's a solid game. It's slightly above standard. If you like turn based strategy, it's definitely worth a look.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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