Speculation 101: Predicting 'From the Vault: Lore'

Speculation 101: Predicting 'From the Vault: Lore' WOTC

Coming mid-August is the next in Wizards of the Coast's From the Vault boxed set series for Magic: the Gathering.  Since 2008, we've seen box sets themed around dragons, angels, lands, and so on.  This time around, the theme is lore and From the Vault: Lore is supposed to feature cards that are renowned for their stories.  Or, as WotC, puts it, players will be able to "surprise [their] foes with blasts from the past they'll have to see to believe."

So, what does that all mean?  There are tons of Magic cards designed as mechanisms to move a set or block's story along and many others that elude to stories that remain largely untold.  We have a hint as to what one of those cards may be thanks to a piece of artwork released with WotC's original announcement for the boxed set.  It's pure speculation beyond that, but we did our best to find cards that represent either an important event in Magic's storyline history or a key figure or item from Magic's past.

Now, without further ado, were it up to us (and trust us: it's not) below are our best guesses as to what might be in From the Vault: Lore when it releases this August.

From the Vault: Lore releases Aug. 19 and consists of 15 cards plus one token, as well as a spindown die and a collector's guide.  It will retail for $34.99 per boxed set.

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