Real-time tactical game 'Dustwind' launches on Steam

Real-time tactical game 'Dustwind' launches on Steam DUSTWIND STUDIOS

The indie-made post-apocalyptic real-time tactics game, Dustwind, is now available for PC via Steam.

"Dustwind is all about real-time tactical combat in a grim post-apocalyptic setting, creating uniquely balanced characters, and making your opponent's heads explode in so many hilarious ways," says game Creative Director Dimitri Zaitsev.  "Have you ever seen someone being shot with a plunger to the face or kicked off a sniper tower by an armored dog? You will in Dustwind."

The game, which is listed at $19.99, features no fixed classes and no pay-to-win.  Players are free to experiment with various character builds without wasting your time, but they only get 10.000 points to spend on each character they make.  Thankfully, players can always re-stat existing characters or make new ones at any time.  Furthermore, players can be a dog.  No, really.  Dogs are support units who can throw grenades, drive cars, deploy turrets, fire mounted car guns, heal people, repair stuff, bite enemies in the butt, and more.  They only thing they can't do is use human-specific items and weaponry.

"You can play various MP game modes with or against your friends, or play Solo missions against the environment, which will eat you alive if you aren't careful and coordinated," further comments Zaitsev.  "This is where it gets really tactical, but don't worry [as] you can always come back with another character build & strategy (or more plungers) and eventually, you will prevail against the 100 or so computer-controlled Raiders."

Dustwind Studios says a typical game of Dustwind lasts anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour and a half depending on which game mode and map is played.  They point out that large cooperative maps take longer, while competitive matches are usually timed at 10-20 minutes.

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