Benoit Sokal's 'Syberia' games coming soon to Nintendo Switch

A scene from 'Syberia 3'. A scene from 'Syberia 3'. BENOIT SOKAL

Publisher Microïds is bringing Benoit Sokal's three Syberia games to Nintendo Switch on Nov. 8 with Syberia 3 out now. .

In the games, players can discover( or rediscover) all of Kate Walker’s adventures in handheld mode as she goes in search of the last mammoths and the mysterious island of Syberia and accompanies the migration of snow ostriches through sacred steppes.

Syberia features Kate Walker, a young lawyer from New York, as she is sent to France to handle the sale of a former automaton factory in the Alps.  She’s quickly caught up in a journey to the further corners of Eastern Europe, alongside a truly unique automaton called Oscar.  Together, they discover incredible places and colorful people on their journey to find Hans Voralberg, the genius inventor who has gone in search of the last mammoths on the mythical island of Syberia: the last piece of the puzzle for Kate to be able to complete the sale of the factory.

Syberia 2 picks up where the former left off. Walker completes the sale of the factory and decides give up her perfect life in New York to help turn the old man’s dream into a reality.  Together, the very special team of Kate and the eccentric Hans Voralberg, accompanied by Oscar the automaton, set off for another trip.  Their goal will be to find the last legendary mammoths of Syberia, in the heart of a forgotten world.

The trilogy finishes with Syberia 3 and has players once again taking up the role of Kate Walker.  In this one, players accompany the Youkol tribe during the migration of the snow ostriches.  Together, they make their way through Benoît Sokal’s enchanted world, pursuing common enemies and encountering unexpected obstacles.  Syberia 3 on Nintendo Switch also includes the DLC ‘An Automaton with a Plan’, an adventure in which players play as Oscar, discovering a whole new part of Kate Walker’s journey.

All three Syberia titles are rated "T for Teen" by the ESRB.

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