'Ultimate Masters' unveiled for 'Magic: The Gathering'

'Ultimate Masters' carries a $15.00 per pack MSRP. 'Ultimate Masters' carries a $15.00 per pack MSRP. WOTC

Looking to close out Magic: The Gathering's 25th anniversary with a bang, Wizards of the Coast unveils Ultimate Masters.

Similar to previous Masters sets put out by WotC, Ultimate Masters is a high-end, limited run premium set that is due to release both physically and onto Magic: The Gathering Online on Dec. 7.  The company says the 254-card set will feature "a host of powerful, sought-after cards—including some of the greatest cards from throughout Magic’s history."

Wizards of the Coast also says that Ultimate Masters will be the last such set released for the foreseeable future.

"We are instead focusing on other products that will also include reprints," says DailyMTG's Blake Rasmussen.  "We'll talk more about those when the time comes, but we're sending off the Masters product line for the time being with this premium take on the Masters series, Ultimate Masters."

In addition to being sold in booster packs that contain 15 cards with one premium foil in each, the set is also available in 24-pack display boxes.  For those who decide to go for a box, WotC has a special thing they're throwing in to sweeten the pot: Ultimate Box Toppers.

Ultimate Box Toppers are essentially Masterpiece cards.  There are 40 such cards in the set and the Ultimate Box Topper will be one of those 40 cards.  These special cards are extra-premium foils that feature expanded artwork.

"Box toppers include every mythic rare in the set, many of the rares, and two uncommons," says WotC's Nataly Scheidt.  "It's some of the most beloved in Magic’s history."

Each of the Ultimate Box Topper cards will also be included in the set with the current normal card frame.

Available Dec. 7 in both English and Japanese, Ultimate Masters carries a $13.99 MSRP per booster pack with boxes being sold at $335.76 each.  WotC will also be offering a blister pack consisting of three Ultimate Masters booster packs for $34.99.  On Magic: The Gathering Online, digital packs will sell for $6.99 and are not redeemable.

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