'Super Phantom Cat' pounces on the Nintendo Switch

'Super Phantom Cat' pounces on the Nintendo Switch VEEWO

Indie game company Veewo's “pawsome” retro-inspired platformer, Super Phantom Cat, is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Says the company:

Get ready to explore quirky environments, colorful levels, and solve the mysteries shrouding the Phantom world to rescue your kidnapped little sister, Ina. The game is teeming with countless obstacles that will excite fans and keep them reeling for more. Players need to think quick on their feet exploring an ever-changing and mysterious phantom world all while, bouncing off monster heads and other objects in your path towards reaching items such as stars, coins and or jumping between sometimes challenging and hard to reach platforms. The game will test your mental acuity and physical reflexes!

The Super Phantom Cat franchise originally launched as a mobile game for iOS in Jan. 2016 before arriving on Google Play for Android in Apr. 2016.  On mobile, the game has garnished nearly 10 million downloads.  In addition to this latest release on Switch, Super Phantom Cat is also available on Steam for Windows PC with a PS4 version "coming soon."

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