Yasunori Mitsuda's original Xenogears soundtrack gets a fullly-arranged album with 130 performers and more than two hours of music from Materia Collective.

Fans of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series have some new ear candy to enjoy as Children of Termina, a new album from arranger Rozen, comes to market.

Composers of Transformers (1986), Wizard of Legend, Beatmania, and more remix Christmas and game music.

The album features the work of Vince DiCola (The Transformers: The Movie), Osamu Kubota (DJMAX), Justin Lassen (Underworld film series), and Dale North (Wizard of Legend).

There is soon to be a new bunch of ear candy for fans of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series as Children of Termina, a new album from arranger Rozen, is scheduled to come out at the end of November.

Arranger Sean Schafianski's Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Remastered Soundtrack is now available via streaming and digital download.

Materia Collective presents their next installment in Piano Collections series with Stardew Valley Piano Collections.

Capcom's video game series, Monster Hunter, is being adapted for the big screen.

Materia Collective's Multiplayer 4: RESCUE features music from Star FoxŌkami, Pyre, and more.

Composed by Deniz Akbulut, the original sound track to the indie game CrossCode is now available both physically and digitally.

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