Eight-time Grammy Award winner Skrillex and internationally renowned singer/songwriter Hikaru Utada have teamed up for Kingdom Hearts III's brand-new theme song.

Materia Collective releases the Timespinner original soundtrack composed by Jeff Ball.

Now streaming on Apple Music, the official soundtrack for WWE 2K19 features WWE Superstars The New Day and Elias alongside hip-hop artist Wale.

Listeners of the soundtrack will experience all the ups and downs of the game's riveting story over the course of 41 tracks.

Arranger Ro Panuganti pays tribute to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's temples with a new heavy metal album.

Arranger Peter de Vroom's latest EP, Heroes of Light (Kingdom Hearts Arrangements), celebrates 15 years of Square-Enix's Kingdom Hearts video game series.

Composed by Jason Graves, the original game soundtrack to Polyarc's Moss is now available digitally with vinyl and CD versions coming later in the year.

Classic tunes get revitalized in a new tribute album.

Materia Collective's latest video game tribute album features bluegrass covers of songs from SkyrimFinal Fantasy, and more.

Fans of Final Fantasy will soon have some new ear candy to enjoy.

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