Square Enix and AMD want you to have free video games

Square Enix Collective is the indie publishing arm of Square Enix. Square Enix Collective is the indie publishing arm of Square Enix. SQUARE-ENIX

AMD and Square Enix want PC gamers to get free games.

To make this possible, the two companies have teamed up to announce AMD4U -- a program that will provide AMD consumers with free indie video games.  Through the partnership, AMD users will get access to “Square Enix Collective,” the indie publishing program of Square Enix.

"This program has been carefully structured between AMD and Square Enix to provide technology and hardware support for up and coming indie developers publishing through the Collective, along with helping bring the games to market through a wide range of partnership elements," states PR rep Glenn Mandel via press release.  "Key elements of the partnership include direct participation at AMD’s consumer events around the world; alongside hardware, software, engineering support, and extended marketing partnerships with AMD’s OEM partners participating in the AMD4U program, including DELL, Alienware, HP, Lenovo and many more."

As part of the program, anyone who purchases an AMD-powered PC from a variety of OEM’s will be able to validate their hardware and receive up to three free games from Square Enix Collective's entire portfolio.  This includes already-available games such as Black the Fall, Children of Zodiarc, Deadbeat Heroes, and others, as well as upcoming titles like Fear Effect Sedna and Battalion 1944.

In addition to giving PC gamers free titles, AMD and Square Enix hopes the AMD4U program also helps to bring new light to indie developers and their games by better exposing them to the mass market.

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