'Crashday: Redline Edition' releases on Windows

'Crashday: Redline Edition' releases on Windows MOONBYTE GAMES

2tainment and Moonbyte Games latest video game, Crashday: Redline Edition, is now available for PC via Steam.

A retooled and remastered version of 2006's original Crashday game, Crashday: Redline Edition features an improved multiplayer mode, a variety of game modes, new modding functions, and an integrated track editor.

The game boasts seven gameplay modes that goes beyond traditional racing.  Players can demonstrate their skills with ridiculous stunts and breathtaking jumps in Stunt Show Mode or get creative by using any means possible to be the last driver standing in the thrilling Wrecking Match.  In Hold The Flag, the “flag bearer” must pass through as many checkpoints as possible before getting run down by adversaries.  The explosive Pass the Bomb and Bomb Run modes add nail-biting suspense by challenging players to use their skillful driving to avoid detonating deadly bombs. Lastly, players can preview a track and hone their skills in perfect peace without any limitations in the Test Drive Mode. 

Crashday: Redline Edition will be available for digital download via Steam for $11.99.

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