Review: 'MotoGP 18' (PS4)

Review: 'MotoGP 18' (PS4) MILESTONE

MotoGP 18 gets the bikes right, but a lot of other things wrong. Sports games are really hard to get into the hands of people who don't like those sports. FIFA and Madden seem to be exceptions, but even then it's limited. For something more niche, like motorcycles, you need to do it right, and get those little details in there to really make it worth it to them. MotoGP 18 does this – but also misses a bunch of marks other games wouldn't have had.

There's not much of a story. It's a sports game, so the most you have story-wise is career mode, and that's pretty much rising through ranks in leagues most non-racing fans have heard of. It's fine as if, but unlike EA and other sports franchises, there isn't a lot to go in depth. Sure, you pick a rider and play tourney, but that's it. It's just racing, with not a lot of changes to make. It's probably fun for fans, but as someone who's not into motorcycles much it seemed to be lacking a lot.

I played the PS4 version, and controls were fine. It took me awhile to get the turns just right with the thumbstick so I didn't die, and they weren't as responsive as I'd like, so I'd skid off and somehow get back on my bike instantly with no injuries or damage. Besides the sticky sticks, it was alright.

The graphics were mixed. The bikes and uniforms looked great, as did some things like trees or even the crowd from a distance. But it was also not very good at times. Some parts, like the infield track, looked solid gray, as if they were bringing back 1999 graphics for a bit. Asphalt and parts of the track looked worn and used, which was a great deal, then when you wiped out in the sand there wasn't even a small animation of sand being disrupted. I actually looked up a bunch of crashes in similar races, and they looked nothing like it. Then I noticed a lot of the race, in the more cinematic mode to make it look on TV, didn't look that real either. Parts of the track looked solid with solid colors. Parts of it look great, but those solid parts made this fall a lot. Also it's 30 fps, so it looks more like a downgrade

Gameplay is that you race. Turns you slow and go slow, straight away you gun it and, if you're up to it, you try and knock people off their bikes. The mechanics of it are actually pretty good. It looks like a real bikes and feels like it through controlling. They didn't half ass it or make it controllable like the bikes in GTA. In that regard, it's pretty good.

There's not too much to say about music, but the sounds are alright. Most of the time all you're hearing is the roar of the motorcycle, and yeah, it sounds on point. It changes immediately to what you throttle or when you slow down, so I'd give high points here too.

I got some lag at points, like when things got heated, or too many things were happening at once, like if MotoGP 18 was taking a second to think. I get it a lot on Bethesda games. Besides that the frame rate, well it's 30fps, so make of that what you will. But it didn't really crash or glitch out, which is always good.

MotoGP 18 is definitely a game for fans or people who like motorcycles. It sounds and feels good, but some of the graphics are pretty unforgivable, and gameplay is pretty samey. I'd say it might be worth a try if this is your jam. But otherwise there isn't really a lot here.

Final Score: 6.5 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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