Turn-based roguelike 'Deep Sky Derelicts' launches on Steam

Promotional art for Deep Sky Derelicts. Promotional art for Deep Sky Derelicts. 1C ENTERTAINMENT

Global publisher 1C Entertainment has announced that the award-winning Deep Sky Derelicts has left Early Access and is now officially available for purchase. Winner of the "Best Storytelling" award at White Nights 2017, this game is a turn-based, roguelike RPG that features a card-based battle system and space exploration. In the distant future, society has split into two distinct castes; players will take the role of an outcast, who will build a team of mercenaries and raid derelict ships in their quest for comfort and citizenship. The official launch adds several new features, including a final Mothership derelict that caps off the story mode, along with story features and achievements.

"Deep Sky Derelicts takes roguelike combat to a new level with the introduction of collectible card game elements and random draws that make every battle a unique experience," said Nikolay Baryshnikov, Vice President of 1C Entertainment. "It’s a great addition to our 1C Entertainment portfolio, as Snowhound Games has created a fascinating retro-futuristic world that offers deep strategy and challenging surprises to keep players on their toes."

Deep Sky Derelicts is now available for PC, Mac and Linux for $19.99. The game can be purchased on its official Steam page.

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