Indie game 'Zarvot' comes out on Nintendo Switch

Indie game 'Zarvot' comes out on Nintendo Switch SNOWHYDRA

Indie developer Snowhydra's Zarvot is now available on Nintendo Switch.

The game tasks players with blitzing around as an uncannily anthropomorphic cube, capable of shooting, evading, double jumping, and spinning into opponents with furious relish.  It features five competitive multiplayer modes ranging from classic Deathmatch, to a sushi collecting scramble, to the Switch-exclusive Joy-Vot wherein one player spawns in enemies to fight their friends.  Zarvot also features an entire story-driven single-player campaign, as players assume the role of affable cube Charcoal who goes on a journey with their pal Mustard searching for the perfect way to cheer up their friend on their birthday.

Zarvot is the epitome of arcade action, with its simple, accessible controls paving the way for hidden depth,” said Snowhydra Games founder Sam Eng.  “It’s simultaneously quirky and upbeat, while also savage and surreal, with its playful world of basic shapes.  Whether you’re tackling its story campaign or duking it out with your friends in multiplayer, Zarvot is a blast!”

The ESRB has given Zarvot and "E for Everybody" rating.

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