Review: 'LEGO Harry Potter Collection' (Switch)

Review: 'LEGO Harry Potter Collection' (Switch) NINTENDO

LEGO Harry Potter is back with the LEGO Harry Potter Collection, a combination of the two games in the series. On New Consoles! But...with the same game supposedly updated? A lot of games have done this. Some have been good, and others....not so good. Where does LHPC stand? Let's see...

The story is pretty simple. Ever see the Harry Potter series? Yeah, it''s that for a story. Except you're playing it, and if you couldn't tell from the title, it's all LEGOs. There are a few differences, and some things added and taken out, but generally it's the same story line as the movies.

With older games suddenly being ported (and updated) for new systems like the Switch, it can be hit or miss on how well they're ported. Withe Harry Potter, it's a bit of both. And with controls, they port over.....ok. They work but they're also non-intuitive. With the Switch a lot more games have been doing this, making ''common sense' moves be the opposite, and LEGO Harry Potter Collection is no exception.

The graphics have been slightly updated since the originals. So instead of graphics looking smooshy and like they're for the PS2, it looks like it got a fresh paint of 'being 3D'. While some of the new graphics work, some don't. The magical effects use a non-Lego graphic so they don't look like they belong, but then again some of the graphics make things more Lego-like. What tipped it for me was the bigger pieces making it look more conspicuous that it's computer generated. It doesn't remove all the charm, but it takes away enough.

Gameplay is pretty much like you'd expect. It hasn't changed much since the games came out originally. It's puzzles, action, basic fighting, redressed scenes from the movies....BUT WITH MAGIC. It's not bad, and it works, but the updates really didn't do anything to this part. Still though, the LEGO-ness makes it pretty fun and charming, with neat gag any LEGO-lover will like.

The Sound and Music are about on target. The music is quasi-John Williams mixed with generic LEGO-game music, so it fits pretty well. The Maybe it was expecting everything to sound like the movies, but it didn't quite reach the standards I was expecting. They're still fine, and the voice acting is fine for what they have (kinda), but it still left you wanting more.

The frame rate was just fine – it obviously went through a lot of testing in that regard. But the glitches were a bit much. For all the improvements they made in the games, they kept all the original glitches in. The lockups, the missed spells, the non-hits in combat – they're all still in there. Wish it was better, but there it is.

Overall LEGO Harry Potter Collection still gives the same fun experience as it originally did, but even with improvements, it's showing it's age. There's so much more we're expecting from games, including LEGO games, now that types of gameplay and the humor have been so much more varied. I'm glad it's out again, especially for younger players who never played it, but this seems more like a cash grab than good intentions.

Final Score: 7 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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