Review: 'Miscreated' (PC)

Review: 'Miscreated' (PC) STEAM

Multiplayer post-apocalyptic games with tacked on crafting are the new fad. Dayz, Rust, Fallout 76 – they're coming in droves. Miscreated is the most recent game and, well, it shows that the genre is already getting a bit thin.

It's after the end. You're stuck on Orca Island, and you need to survive against all manner of people and monsters roaming the island. And....that's it. It's straight up survival for the story, much like Rust and Dayz, albeit with a different feel. It's a well-worn catalyst for motivation, but damn if it doesn't do the trick. It's also multi-player, which also explains the story situation. Again, not really present, but a bit of one could have been a plus.

The graphics, on the other hand, know what they're about. At times it can be a little too CG (look at little details like brick work and trees), but generally it's a beautiful world. God lighting, forests, water movement – it's a rich tapestry of land, like a slightly lower res Fallout 4 crossed with Dayz and the GTA V rural areas. Some parts look like a horrifying camping adventure, while creatures are spooky (if somewhat blocky and not rendered to the best abilities). Some hiccups, but the good outshines the bad by a lot. It actually feels like a post-apocalypse wasteland, which is something few games get right.

The gameplay and mechanics are only so-so. Combat is fun, but it's fast. VERY fast. Whereas other similar games make battles to last minutes drawn over a large area, Miscreated has battles where things die quickly. And since the whole point is survival, this can make it or break it. Which actually seems to be a recurring them. You can build bases, but they don't hold much and they're hard to get to. You can carry a lot around, but the limit is wonky. Crafting is fun but is almost impossible at times because of the whole crafting layout. The point is to survive and to fight and kill to do it. Stabbing, shooting, crafting, protecting, etc. It's survival, but it also has a lot of ups and downs.

Controls work well. Playing on Steam, the controls come naturally if you've played literally any other crafting game on there ever. It reminded me like Minecraft controls, the only difference was that the Minecraft crafting system was significantly easier.

The sound and music worked well too. The Music is adventurous yet also melancholy. It's a great mix, and although it's used sparingly, it really sets the tone for the game:

Sounds were a bit more scattered. While weather effects were eerily perfect, weapon effects seemed off or muted at times. It was like the movie version of weapons heard underwater.

Glitches were everywhere. There's no way to sugarcoat it. You fall through the world, you can get hit by seemingly nothing. Oh, you die from things that didn't render yet. It's an amazing mix that would be funny if it wasn't so frustrating. Even worse is the frame rate – it wasn't smooth at all and extremely laggy. I needed to think of moves 5 steps ahead sometimes because of how ridiculous lag was.

Miscreated lives up to it's name – it WAS miscreated. It does some things right, but it came out a bit early before all the kinks were worked out. I mean, who builds a crafting system like that? There's actually a lot of parallels to Fallout 76 here. They're multiplayer post-apocalyptic games in rural areas that were released too soon with too many glitches and design issues to play well. Sure, music and atmosphere are great, but it also was released too soon before all the kinks were worked out. Other games may not have the atmosphere, but they know how to make a good game. Miscreated needed more time, but they never got it. And it cost them.

Final Score: 6 out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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