'GearStorm' announced for release on Steam

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Iron City Games, an independent game studio from of Birmingham, Alabama, has announced their new dystopian sci-fi military simulation FPS, GearStorm. Set on a distant planet in a zombie infested, post-apocalyptic future, players wage war amidst the devastation caused by the biological catastrophe known as the Phage. GearStorm is a sci-fi military simulation set in an open world with crafting, mining, harvesting, base building, and survival features.

GearStorm gives players and admins control over their environment and gaming experience, with destructible terrain, quest-writing systems, and AI factions. Co-founders of Iron City Games, Brian Rivers and Shawn Ellis, said "people said not to try to do everything in one game, but we spent the last 5 years tirelessly building every feature we always wanted into the ultimate 'everything' game and now we are proud to finally share it with the world."

GearStorm will be available on Steam this summer.

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