Rare veterans announce new 3D action adventure 'Tamarin'

Gameplay screenshot. Gameplay screenshot. CHAMELEON GAMES

Independent developer Chameleon Games has announced Tamarin, a new title inspired by classic 3D platformers and Metroidvania titles. The game centers around a tamarin trying to protect its fragile home from destruction by a horde of insects; the game is inspired by the plight of endangered species. The studio features many veterans of famed game developer Rare, and the people working on Tamarin have experience on games such as Banjo-KazooieGoldenEye 007Donkey Kong Country and Battletoads.

"A lot of species are going extinct and their natural habitat is being lost and I’ve always wished to make a game series inspired by the most wonderful species and scenery on Earth," said Omar Sawi, founder of Chameleon Games. "Tamarin combines cute characters, beautiful locations, a catchy soundtrack and a combination of fun exploratory platforming and action shooter gameplay into something that appeals to a wide multi-gender demographic."

Tamarin will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and PC this summer, with a MSRP of $29.99. A deluxe edition which includes the soundtrack will be available for $39.99.

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