Mastiff looks to crowdfunding for physical 'Gurumin' release

Mastiff looks to crowdfunding for physical 'Gurumin' release MASTIFF GAMES

Gamers who wish that the digital-only video game Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure would have a physical release might be in luck as its publisher, Mastiff Games, turns to crowdfunding to make it happen.

Crowdfunding plans for a physical release of Gurumin 3D for 3DS and PC can be viewed on Prefundia.  There, would-be supporters can get a peek at some of the upcoming backer rewards.

"The more awareness we can raise ahead of the Kickstarter launch, the better chances of finally putting Gurumin where it belongs, in a gorgeous box on your shelf," says PR rep David Bruno on behalf of Mastiff Games.

Should the crowdfunding effort be a success, it would mark the first time Gurumin would be available via a physical release since its North America debut on the PSP in 2007.

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