Bethesda unveils 'Fallout 76'

Bethesda unveils 'Fallout 76' BETHESDA

Bethesda unveils the next chapter in its popular post-apocalyptic Fallout series, Fallout 76.

The game appears to be centered around Vault-Tec's Vault 76, which had previously been mentioned in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.  According to Fallout Wiki, Vault 76 was used as one of the company's 17 known baseline control group (many of Vault-Tec's other vaults experimented on those living within them) with 500 occupants.  It was supposed to open two decades after the earth-altering nuclear war that set the stage for the Fallout series.


The ESRB currently rates Fallout 76 as "RP - Rating Pending."  No specific release date has yet been provided for the game.

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