E3 2018: Bethesda Press Conference roundup

The Elder Scrolls VI announcement trailer. The Elder Scrolls VI announcement trailer. BETHESDA

Like most companies, Bethesda hid everything behind a bunch of banal intro videos, music numbers and speeches (which no one caled about, in true E3 tradition), but when it finally came down to it, they released a torrent of information about new games.

Up first was Rage 2. Rage is back with an open world shooter in a dystopian future. You are Walker, the last ranger of the wasteland that remains after an asteroid hit the Earth. It's a typical post-apocalyptic looking world ripping off Mad Max 2 and every action movie ever that involved shipping crates, with the also-typical guns, vehicles, and open world. Besides a neon-ish color palette and more of a focus on vehicles, I didn't see much of what makes it unique compared to other first person shooters, but we'll see.

As for the Elder Scrolls series, the card game Elder Scrolls Legends was announced to be coming to Switch, Xbox One and PS4, with Elder Scrolls Online announcing both a Murkmire DLC (focusing on Argonians and Argonian lore) and Wolfhunter (focusing on werewolves).

Elder Scrolls Blades, a first person RPG for mobile devices, was also shown. You take charge as one of the Blades – the Empire's top agents. Impressively, for a mobile game of this size and graphical fidelity, it can be played in landscape or portrait mode. It also has Abyss (how far can you make it going down an endless dungeon), Town (where you build your own town) and Arena modes. It can also be played in VR with cross-platform compatibility, meaning someone playing in VR can play someone playing on the phone. And the price? Free.

Bethesda also announced that The Elder Scrolls VI is in development, but with no set date as of yet.

Doom and Quake both had announcements, with Doom Eternal being announced as a sequel to the 2016 reboot, with a more powerful Doomslayer and twice as many demons. More details will be coming at Quakecon in August.