Mobile multiplayer game 'Identity V' releases on iOS

Mobile multiplayer game 'Identity V' releases on iOS NETEASE GAMES

NetEase Games releases Identity V, a four-on-one multiplayer game for mobile, in North America.

Previously released in China, the game is inspired by the console game Dead by Daylight and allows players to take on the role either as a hunter or as one of four survivors.

“We are truly ecstatic to be the first to bring a high-quality asymmetrical multiplayer game to mobile,” said Sylar Pan, product manager for Identity V.  “Mobile technology is constantly growing, and more amazing gameplay experiences are possible each day.  We wanted to create something unique, innovative, and most importantly, fun to play in the mobile space and with Identity V, I believe we have done that.”

Identity V can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store.  Playing the game yields the ability for players to unlock characters, new skins, and so on.

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