'Strike Vector EX' to release for PS4 near month's end

An in-game screenshot from 'Strike Vector EX'. An in-game screenshot from 'Strike Vector EX'. RAGEQUIT CORPORATION

RageQuit Corporation's aerial-combat game Strike Vector EX will be coming to PlayStation 4 near the end of August.

Carrying a Aug. 30 release date, Strike Vector EX is a competitive first-person aerial-combat game that hosts dizzying dogfights with battle-heavy aircraft that delivers a story-driven single-player campaign complete with a "substantial online multiplayer mode."

The multiplayer mode supports as many as a dozen players and the game's story mode provides players with 15 missions against the AI.

“We know that many people will look at Strike Vector EX and immediately categorize it as a simple flight game. Well, they would be wrong,” said Paul Chadeisson, co-founder, RageQuit Corporation. “The instant stopping ability and versatile maneuvering abilities of each Vector makes this play more like a powerful first-person shooter than a traditional flying game, and that’s where the fun really resides.”

Strike Vector EX will be RageQuit's debut PS4 game.  The title is rated "M for Mature" by the ESRB.

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