Month-long LGBTQ game streaming celebration to begin in June

Month-long LGBTQ game streaming celebration to begin in June MIDBOSS

June will be the Summer of Pride as game developer MidBoss looks to promote video games that feature a positive representation of marginalized perspectives as well as showcase the diverse developers who created them.  To that end, the games will share the spotlight with queer, female, furry, and PoC (persons of color) streamers who embody the spectrum of viewpoints presented.

“We don't just make LGBTQIA+ games and media.  MidBoss now, as a business mission, aims to promote and support diverse games and their developers in every way possible," said Cade Peterson, interim CEO, MidBoss.  “By partnering with streamers from across the gender, sexuality, and PoC spectrums, we’re also highlighting talented individuals who want to generate discourse about these topics by engaging with representative games for their audiences.”

Some of the games that will be featured include Gone HomeTacoma2064: Read Only MemoriesAnother Lost PhoneDominique Pamplemousse, and Even The Ocean, with genres that range from intimate narrative journeys to stop motion detective mysteries.  MidBoss says a full list of games, streamers, and the schedule will be available closer to the start of Summer of Pride.

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