10 great gift ideas for geeks

10 great gift ideas for geeks ALLHANDSACTIVE.ORG

Finding the right gift for the geeks in your life can sometimes pose quite the challenge, so we looked around and found some great suggestions for you and your geeky friends and family.

  The Pokémon Cookbook ($14.99 at Viz Media) - No, you won't learn how to cook Pokémon.  Rather, you'll have more than 30 Pokémon inspired receipies such as Pikachu ramen, Pokéball sushi rolls, and more.  From pizza to dessert, there're a bunch of options for amateurs and poké-chefs alike in this easy-to-follow cookbook from Viz Media.  The cookbook is available beginning Dec. 6.
Stargazer Bandana ($14.99 at Colter Co.) - A great gift idea for those whose head is always in the stars, the Stargazer Bandana from Colter Co. is glow-in-the-dark and shows the North American summer night sky as well as some tips to help its user find its shown constellations and stars.  It's 100% cotton and measures a 22-inch by 22-inch square.
Know Your Knots Bandana ($14.99 at Colter Co.) - The second and final bandana on this list (no, really), the Know Your Knots Bandana is a nice gift for the current or former Boy Scout in your family.  The bandana shows diagrams and how-to's for 16 essential climbing, sailing and survival knots.  Like the Stargazer Bandana, the Know Your Knots bandana is 100% cotton and measures a 22-inch by 22-inch square.
  Critical Hit LED D20 Die ($19.99 at ThinkGeek) - This is a gift that is certain not to be a critical fail.  Just the opposite, actually.  The Critical Hit LED D20 Die lights up bright red when a 20 is rolled, making the critical hit more awesome than slaying a kobold.  For those who are worried, the 1½-inch die is evenly weighted for fair play.  Batteries are included.
Doctor Who Stacking Mug Set ($34.99 from BBCShop) - Featuring two of The Doctor's most feared enemies, the Daleks and the Cybermen, as well as the TARDIS and the Doctor Who logo, this ceramic mug set from the BBC is a must-have for nearly every Doctor Who fan.  Furthermore, they stack vertically for easy storage when they're not full of your favorite tea, coffee, or cocoa.
  Magic: The Gathering - Commander 2016 ($34.99 ea. at local gaming stores) - Commander (also known as "EDH") is one of the most popular formats for the long-running collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.  Annually for the last few years Wizards of the Coast has released a series of pre-made EDH decks that are good-to-go right out of the box.  They're a "must have" for almost all Magic players as the decks contain cards both old and new.  We recommend the "Breed Lethality" deck, but any of the five in this year's release are good.
  Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears ($49.99 at Necomimi) - Are you looking to take your cosplay game to the next level?  With the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears you can because they actually move.  Well, rather, you move them with the power of your mind.  No, really!  When you focus or relax, the ears move based on your brain waves.  Kind of "ear"-ie, eh?

NES Classic Edition ($59.99 at Nintendo) - What's old is new once again thanks to Nintendo's NES Classic Edition.  This highly sought-after device connects to a television via HDMI and comes with 30 original NES games pre-installed such as Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros and Mega Man 2.  Furthermore, the NES Classic Edition's controller is compatible with Nintendo's Wii U video game console for use with its various Virtual Console titles.

  GameSir G3S Gamepad ($79.99 at Amazon) - One downside of mobile gaming is needing to use the screen itself as a gamepad.  Not only are these on-screen controls often unsatisfactory, the user's fingers on the screen gets in the way of seeing what's actually on the screen.  With the G3S Gamepad from GameSir, mobile gamers get a home console quality control scheme on their smartphone.  It connects wirelessly, but users can mount their smartphone directly onto the gamepad thanks to its included bracket.
  Marvel Comics Print Snow Jacket ($149.99 at Fun.com) - Geeks in colder climates should have this at the top of their lists.  The jacket, which has a 100% polyester shell, shows off The Avengers in a retro comic book style with classic panels from the books.  It also features logo debossed buttons and a logo zipper pull.  It's available in sizes S-XL and a snap-button snow skirt and a drawstring adjustable waist.  For those who like to take to the slopes, it also has a ski pass pocket on the left arm.

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