Free-to-play game 'Pox Nora' releases for PS4

'Pox Nora' as seen on PC. 'Pox Nora' as seen on PC. DESERT OWL GAMES

Desert Owl Games' free-to-play tactics game, Pox Nora, is now available on PlayStation 4.

With collectible card and fantasy MMORPG elements, Pox Nora allows players to build customizable decks of cards and deploy them on a persistent grid-based battlefield where opposing forces aim to destroy one another's encampments.  Along the way, players can capture control points, called Nora Fonts, to generate more resources, gain access, and establish new deployment zones for their units.

The game was previously released for PC and this new PS4 version all the content from Pox Nora's currently-released PC expansions.  PlayStation 4 owners also have access to an exclusive set of eight character skins, while PlayStation Plus members will receive an additional pack of eight skins for the powerful Angel cards.  Furthermore, the game supports cross-platform play between PC and PS4.

A PlayStation Vita version of Pox Nora is also in development and will be released sometime in the near future.  The game is rated "T for Teen" by the ESRB.

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