New 'Street Fighter' game announced for mobile

An image from 'Ultra Street Fighter IV'. An image from 'Ultra Street Fighter IV'. CAPCOM

Capcom is teaming up with Skillz, a company that specializes in mobile competitive gameplay, to bring a new Street Fighter game to mobile.

First released in 1987, Street Fighter has been a genre-defining franchise for generations of gamers.  More recently, the franchise has become one of the most watched video games and a staple of professional play.

“We’ve always believed that multiplayer and spectatorship are integral to the Street Fighter experience,” said Midori Yuasa, CEO of Capcom subsidiary Beeline Interactive, Inc.  “We’re excited to partner with the Skillz platform to deliver the next evolution of this competitive series to mobile gamers.”

With the upcoming release, Capcom says that "players will be able to experience a wholly unique and competitive Street Fighter experience on mobile."  Additionally, Street Fighter fans will be able to view live broadcast competitions directly from within the mobile game. This is where Skillz comes in.

“With this partnership, Street Fighter will define the future of competitive mobile gameplay,” said Andrew Paradise, CEO and founder of Skillz.  “With worldwide competitions and countless physically organized events, Street Fighter has helped lay the foundation of modern pro gaming for both players and spectators.  We’re excited to facilitate the delivery of this competitive experience to mobile gamers.”

We hope to hear more about this new mobile Street Fighter game in the near future.

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