New 'Crazy Taxi' game released for mobile

New 'Crazy Taxi' game released for mobile SEGA

Do you have what it takes to take on a global taxi cab conglomerate?  If you do, then Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire just might be for you.

Developed by SEGA Networks, Inc.’s Boston studio, Demiurge Studios, Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire fuses the chaos of the Crazy Taxi franchise with the very of idle clicker genre.  The game boasts a soundtrack by the popular alternative rock band The Offspring and features 12 unique districts, dozens of distinct taxis, and 60 drivers including characters from the game’s first release alongside new faces.  The game is semi-globally available (the game isn't available in Japan, Korea, or Mainland China) as a free download for iOS and Android devices.  As a free game, there are (of course) ads and in-app purchases.

Those who remember the original can still get their old-school Crazy Taxi fix as well.  SEGA last week released an ad-supported version of that game for mobile devices.

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