Atari VCS pre-sales begin in May on IndieGogo

Atari VCS system with both controllers. Atari VCS system with both controllers. ATARI

Atari announced today that their upcoming Atari VCS system will be available for pre-order on IndieGogo on May 30. The Atari VCS is billed as a "fully customizable entertainment experience"; in addition to the Atari Vault that contains over 100 classic Atari games, the system offers media and streaming content with 4K resolution, HDR support, extendable storage, WiFi, Bluetooth and more. Atari is partnering with AMD to create the console, powered by Radeon Graphics Technology, and is also partnered with Power A to develop a classic Atari-style joystick as well as a more modern controller.

"We continue moving forward on the Atari VCS project and are excited to see this pre-sale kickoff and to share more updates with our fans as we look toward the first shipments," said Michael Arzt, COO of Connected Devices at Atari. "We are building outstanding teams and forging alliances that will make this product great and truly worthy of the Atari VCS name. Expert hardware partners are helping make this project possible and we couldn’t be more pleased with their contributions."

Atari announced that "early-bird" packages will be offered, including $199 for the Atari VCS Onyx edition, but offered no pricing information beyond that. Gamers who sign up for insider updates at the Atari VCS website will be eligible for "special purchase incentives" during the pre-sale. The Atari VCS system will begin shipping in Spring 2019.

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