New platformer 'Phantom Gear' coming to Sega Genesis

Gameplay screenshot. Gameplay screenshot. MEGA CAT STUDIOS

Retro game publisher Mega Cat Studios has announced that they are teaming up with developer Bits Rule Games to release Phantom Gear, an old-school platformer that will be seeing release on the 30-year-old Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. This platforming title has a retro Genesis look, but a number of modern features, such as skill progression, animated cutscenes, massive boss fights and more.

"We’re blast processing our way to something special here, and I couldn’t be more excited for people to play Phantom Gear," says Zack Manko, Lead Cat at Mega Cat Studios. "Playing it, is like the first time you put your hands on classics such as Ristar or Dynamite Headdy."

Phantom Gear does not currently have a release date, though a Kickstarter to fund the cost of development and manufacturing cartridges will be launching next week.

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