Twitch launches new Twitch Prime service

Twitch Prime Twitch Prime TWTCH.TV, a popular website dedicated to streaming video game content, has announced a new service that users can take advantage of immediately: Twitch Prime. Starting today, any Twitch users who activate Twitch Prime will be able to watch streams with no ads, subscribe to one user per month for free, receive discounts on new games from Amazon, and receive free game content for popular games such as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. For the first month, players can get a new Hearthstone hero, a free copy of the built-for-Twitch game Streamline, and more.

Twitch Prime is an upgrade that comes free with a subscription to Amazon Prime; any users that already have an Amazon Prime account can link their accounts at this website and receive the benefits of Twitch Prime right away. More details about Twitch Prime can be found at the official Twitch blog.

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