MTG: Top banned from Legacy, Probe, Gush restricted in Vintage

MTG: Top banned from Legacy, Probe, Gush restricted in Vintage WOTC / MIKE SUTFIN

Wizards of the Coast makes some changes to Eternal play with the latest banned/restricted list alterations and some combo and control players won't be happy about it.

Now banned in Legacy play is Sensei's Diving Top.  The card sees play in a number of control and combo decks.  In justification of the ban, WotC says the following:

In Legacy, Miracles—a deck that is focused on combining Counterbalance and Sensei's Divining Top to control what opponents can or (mostly) cannot resolve—has been the best deck in the format for some time. We were hopeful that this would change over time, but it has not. That alone is not necessarily enough to move to ban a card from the deck, but Sensei's Divining Top comes with its own host of issues that center around the timely conclusion of matches in a tournament setting.

WotC also says that Top slows down play too much in Legacy and, therefore, needed to be removed from the format.

Vintage sees two popular blue cards being restricted down to a maximum of one of each per deck.  The "free" card-drawing cards Gush and Gitaxian Probe fall victim to this decision.  WotC says this is mainly due to their overuse and dependency in decks focused around Monastery Mentor.  WotC explains the decision:

The primary issue seems to revolve around the prevalence of free draw spells for the Mentor deck that let it churn through its library for no mana while creating an abundance of tokens. We believe by removing these free draw spells—and the perfect information that comes with Gitaxian Probe—we will significantly weaken Monastery Mentor–based strategies.

Both the Standard and Modern formats saw no changes to their banned/restricted lists.

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