RPG 'Castle Battles' releases for iOS, Android

An in-game screenshot from 'Castle Battles'. An in-game screenshot from 'Castle Battles'. LIGHT ARC STUDIOS

Android and iOS users now have a new sort of RPG at their fingertips as Castle Battles releasesfrom Light Arc Studio.

In Castle Battles, players will expand their empire by building castles near bountiful resources, collect precious gold to amass outlandish armies, and then swarm their enemies across 40 unique levels.

The game streamlines the mechanics of classic top-down strategy RPGs to create a different style of gameplay.  It features classic 4x style mechanics that have been condensed to their strategic core, meaning that battles are measured in minutes rather than hours.  Castle Battles also boasts a fully voiced narrative that is "ripe with humor," and an electronic original soundtrack composed by Ex-Static.

The game downloads with the first 10-level campaign available for free with the remaining three campaigns (which adds 30 more levels) for five bucks (or two bucks each).

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