Ancient Forest gameplay video unveiled for 'Monster Hunter: World'

Ancient Forest gameplay video unveiled for 'Monster Hunter: World' CAPCOM

Capcom is giving gamers a new look at Monster Hunter: World's gameplay via a newly-released trailer.

The video takes a deeper look at how one of the upcoming title’s quests unfolds as players set off on their journey to defeat the giant new monster, Anjanath, in the lush and leafy paradise of the Ancient Forest.  Players can also see some of the creatures they can expect to come across within the New World, the newly discovered continent where Monster Hunter: World is set.  This includes the Great Jagras which has the ability to swallow its prey whole and one of the Monster Hunter series favorites, Rathalos.

Monster Hunter: World is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Early 2018.  A PC release will then follow at a later date.

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