Team-based shooter 'Hero Hunters' to launch Feb. 1

Team-based shooter 'Hero Hunters' to launch Feb. 1 HOTHEAD GAMES

On Feb. 1, iOS and Android gamers will have a new team-based shooter to play as Hothead Games releases Hero Hunters for both.

A team-based third-person shooter game, Hero Hunters lets players hot-swap from hero to hero right in the middle of the action.  Hothead Games says this allows them to pretty much play as whichever hero they want.  The game features a roster of 40 different heroes with players choosing five to have in their party.  Each hero offers their own skills, strengths, and special abilities.

Hero Hunters also boasts an "extensive campaign mission experience" that launches with seven regions and hundreds of missions.  The game also has real-time PVP Mode, a co-op "Boss Raid Mode", "Gauntlet Mode", "Alliances", and weekly events.

Players can pre-register to play Hero Hunters and earn exclusive launch rewards at:

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