'The Final Station' to launch late February on Switch

'The Final Station' to launch late February on Switch DO MY BEST GAMES

Tinybuild's The Final Station will be launching for Nintendo Switch on Feb. 27.

Previously released for PC via Steam, The Final Station was created by a two-man Russian indie studio called Do My Best Games.  The title takes players on a journey through a Soviet-inspired post-apocalyptic world.  It's a story driven action survival game where the player takes up the role of train conductor.  Scavenge for resources, fight off the infected, and make your way to the final station.  The Switch version comes complete with the "The Only Traitor" DLC, which that takes the story on the road.

The Final Station will be available via the Switch Store on Feb. 27 for $19.99.  The game will be localized for in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, and Polish languages.

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