The 10 most intriguing 'Magic' cards in 'Dominaria'

Planeswalker Jaya Ballard as seen on the 'Magic: The Gathering' card Fight With Fire. Planeswalker Jaya Ballard as seen on the 'Magic: The Gathering' card Fight With Fire. WOTC / YONGJAE CHOI

Magic: The Gathering's latest set, Dominaria, is now available worldwide.  Packed with flavor, the set brings the game back to its original setting, the plane of Dominaria, and brings with it a total of 280 cards.

Some cards are winners.  Some aren't so great.  Overall, the set is bonkers and really gets things going for Wizards of the Coast as the game continues to celebrate its 25th year in existence.

We've hand-picked an even ten cards that (for one reason or another) caught our eye.  And while our list may be a tad Planeswalker heavy this time around, we hope they're cards that have caught your eye as well.

Blackblade Reforged (Rare) - Yes, this is the very same blade wielded by the iconic Legends card Dakkon Blackblade and his Future Sight descendant Korlash.  The card gets a ton of Vorthos points for that simple fact alone.

Looking beyond story, the card is one of the more powerful equipments printed in recent memory. With an affordable casting cost of two generic mana and only three to equip to a legendary creature, things can really get out of hand quickly.

No wonder the blade was able to fell one of Dominaria's original Elder Dragons.


Firesong and Sunspeaker (Rare) - Who knew that a pair of Hurloon Minotaurs could be so intruiging?

While not available in packs (the card was only given to those who pre-ordered a Dominaria booster box), it's still eligible for our list because one can't help but wonder the possibilities.

Basically everybody who owns one (and many more who don't) seem keen to see what kind of decks -- typically EDH -- they can brew with this brother/sister pair.

Goblin Chainwhirler (Rare) - Don't let the heavy red in the Chainwhirler's casting cost worry you.  This card is designed for those formidable mono-red goblin decks.  And in Dominaria, goblins are back with a vengeance.

Beyond being a 3/3 first striker for three mana, the card also acts as a psuedo-board wipe, wiping out all one toughness creatures an opposing player might control while also dealing one damage to that player.  Oh yeah, and it also takes a loyalty counter off of any and all Planeswalkers that player may have as well.

This card will probably be whirling its chains in a variety of modern and standard mono-red decks.

Jaya Ballard (Mythic) - Staying with the heavy mono-red cards, it is just so nice to finally see Jaya Ballard in all her Planeswalker glory after all these years.

She's seen print once before pre-spark in Time Spiral despite her spark igniting in the Jeff Grubb novel Shattered Alliance, which saw print in the year 2000.  Fast forward 18 years and now here she is, even if she has aged a bit in the thousands of years since the Ice Age.

Personal side note: Jaya helped me win quite a few games during the Dominaria pre-release.

Karn, Scion of Urza (Mythic) - Let's just start off by point out that this second Karn planeswalker starts off at five loyalty for a measly four generic mana.  Now that that's out of the way, Karn can be a card drawing machine.  (Literally.  He's a golem made of silver.)

His ultimate can be a win condition and meshes well with previous block Ixalan's easy-to-create Treasure tokens.  Also, there is just something about the artwork that makes Karn just that much more epic looking.

While Scion of Urza isn't the strongest of the two Karn Planeswalkers, he's still pretty darn snazzy.

Oath of Teferi (Rare) - While we're not exactly thrilled for another Gatewatch card, this one's janky enough that we'll allow it.

While this Oath's casting cost might be a bit steep at five, the payoff is well worth it.  Not only does it flicker one of your own permanents, but it lets you double-up on your Planeswalker abilities.  Planewalker acceleration, as far as we're concerned, is never a bad thing.

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria (Mythic) - Possibly the best of the three Teferi planeswalker cards, the Hero of Dominaria does not mess around.

His first ability is pure value thanks to card draw and freeing up just enough mana for a counterspell.  His second is nice card advantage that can also set an opponent back a bit.  His third ability, well, is just ripe for abuse.

Fire off that ultimate and it just might be a pretty quick "game over" for your opponent.

Teferi, Timebender (Mythic) - Yup.  A card found in one of the pre-packaged Planeswalker decks made our list.  So sue us.

This version of Teferi is clean, straightforward, and can hit its ultimate the turn after it comes into play when paired with cards like The Chain Veil and the aforementioned Oath of Teferi.

The Mirari Conjucture (Rare) - Dominaria introduces a new type of enchantment card called the "saga."  Designed to tell a story while in play, there are a variety of sagas inspired by moments from the plane's history.  While there may be more powerful sagas than The Mirari Conjucture, this is the one that we found most interesting.

This saga, as it is being "told," essentially re-creates a fraction of the power from lore of the original Mirari artifact.  Gameplay-wise, it could also be very strong in the right deck (so get brewing).

Weatherlight (Mythic) - While this isn't the first time Urza's iconic Weatherlight was printed as a card, but it's by far the best of the two.  It's also dripping with nostalgia.

Now a vehicle (something that didn't exist way back during Planeshift), Weatherlight is a card that should see a good amount of standard play.  Even if it doesn't see much non-standard play outside of EDH, its historic-centric ability can set things up nicely for those who plan ahead.

Of course, there are a number of other really good cards in this set.  Mox Amber, Dub, Damping Sphere, and History of Benalia all are also worth a mention -- as are many others.  The above ten we simply liked better.  It's purely subjective.  That stated, which cards from Dominaria are your favorites?

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