'Hand of Fate 2' arrives on Nintendo Switch

'Hand of Fate 2' arrives on Nintendo Switch DEFIANT DEVELOPMENT

Defiant Development's action role-playing game, Hand of Fate 2, is now available on Nintendo Switch.

In the game, players collect cards to build a customizable deck of equipment, enemies, encounters, loot, and surprises that will be shuffled in with the Dealer’s own challenges.  Once combined, cards are laid out into a dungeon floor for players to navigate.  Each card presents obstacles to overcome, including action-packed hack-and-slash combat, precarious exploration, high-risk high-reward mini-games as well as Dungeons and Dragons-style storytelling and decision making.

Defiant Developments says this sequel sports a variety of upgrades over the original title from 2015.  Examples of this includes an overworld map where each location presents new challenges, new tabletop mini-games, companions (including the antagonist Dealer) with unique side-quests that provide assistance both in battle and perks outside, more robust combat, a deeper story, and an ever-growing supply of new content.  The Nintendo Switch version will also include all the DLC add-ons that have appeared in the PC release from its November launch through April, with more coming later post-launch.

"When we originally released Hand of Fate 2 the reception from fans was overwhelmingly positive, praising the improvements to every facet of gameplay alongside the exciting new changes,” said Morgan Jaffit, Director, Defiant Development.  "Now the thriving Nintendo community has the opportunity to play the franchise beloved by millions.”

Hand of Fate 2 is rated "T for Teen" by the ESRB.  In addition to its Nintendo Switch release, the game is also already available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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