2D RPG 'The Adventure of Magical Girl' releases onto Steam

An in-game scene from "The Adventure of Magical Girl'. An in-game scene from "The Adventure of Magical Girl'. WINDWARD_BIRDS

The one-man indie studio Windward_Birds' latest title, The Adventure of Magical Girl, is now available for Windows PC via Steam.

The Adventure of Magical Girl is a retro-looking 2D role playing game in which three young magician students end up defending mankind against monsters and demons.  Just like many in the era of RPG the game emulates, The Adventure of Magical Girl features anime-drawn characters, huge world maps, and turn-based combats.

The Adventure of Magical Girl serves as a sequel to Winward_Birds' previous titles, The Legend of Bean and The Witch of Ice Kingdom.  The game is available digitally on Steam for $2.99 USD and can be bundled with the other titles at a discount.

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