'Battle Princess Madelyn' release pushed back until December

An in-game scene from 'Battle Princess Madelyn'. An in-game scene from 'Battle Princess Madelyn'. CASUAL BIT GAMES

Indie developer Casual Bit Games has pushed back the release its upcoming title, Battle Princess Madelyn, until Dec. 6 on consoles and PC.  The game was originally given an autumn 2018 release window.

"It's been an exciting, exhaustive, stressful, enjoyable, frustrating, etc. period over the last two years developing Battle Princess Madelyn and I would do it all over again," says Christopher Obritsch of Casual Bit Games.  "The feedback that has been given in the creation of the game, the positive remarks, the way social media, the specialist gaming press, etc. have supported the game throughout this long period has been nothing short of remarkable.  The end result is a game the team are all proud of and went beyond what was envisioned.  Within a very short time gamers will be able to play Battle Princess Madelyn.  I hope it will give them as much enjoyment as it has to the team that created it."

Battle Princess Madelyn consists of ten levels comprised of five stages each, along with a handful of hidden ones.  How the game is completed is completely in the hands of the player.  The game's different areas are fully replayable with quite a bit of content that players can unlock.  Casual Bit says this allows Battle Princess Madelyn to cater to both novice and the hardcore gamer alike.

The game will be coming out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch on Dec. 6 with releases for PlayStation Vita and Wii U slated for 2019.

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