Fantasy dress up game 'Helix Waltz' releases for iOS, Android

Fantasy dress up game 'Helix Waltz' releases for iOS, Android BAIOO FAMILY INTERACTIVE

Attention, fashionistas!  Helix Waltz, a new mobile game from BAIOO Family Interactive and uBeeJoy, is now available for iOS and Android devices.

The game, which is developed by Crossingstar Studio, combines classic dress up games with narrative-driven gameplay centered around climbing the ranks of high society in the fantasy realm of Finsel.

Helix Waltz contains more than 800,000 lines of text providing players with an immersive story experience and giving depth to a wide cast of characters.  Through the actions and dialogue choices, players will learn more about the setting and the motivations behind the actions of each character.

Helix Waltz is a free download on both iOS and Android.  Players can earn exclusive outfits and starter gifts during the game’s launch events beginning with the Grand Dancing Party.  Those who log into the game for seven consecutive days will receive the six-star outfit “The Forest Queen”.  During the event period, players can also open ten Material Eggs for a chance to win exclusive event items.

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