Relaxing puzzle game 'Roterra' announced for 2019 release

Relaxing puzzle game 'Roterra' announced for 2019 release DIG-IT! GAMES

Roterra, a relaxing puzzle game from DIG-IT! Games, will be hitting mobile platforms early next year. 

Set in a world of cubes, Roterra was inspired by “Orlando Furioso” – the 16th-century epic poem by Ludovico Ariosto.  The game's constantly shifting physical world reflects the many conflicting points-of-view in the poem – including a protagonist, Angelica, who challenges medieval depictions of women as helpless accessories every step of the way.

“After nearly a decade of building critical thinking puzzles, we’re excited to turn our extensive experience to entertainment-focused mobile games," says DIG-IT! Games CEO Suzi Keehn.  "With Roterra, our award-winning game development team had the freedom to explore new game mechanics beyond the limitations of educational products.  Our guiding design principle was a world with no ‘up’: When a character walks over the edge of a board, gravity shifts with them and parts of the environment pop up and down.  The result is a perception-challenging world where things are rarely as they seem and the correct path is often not the most obvious one.”

Roterra is slated for release within the first few months of 2019.

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