2D action game 'Bladed Fury' comes to Steam in December

An in-game scene from 'Bladed Fury'. An in-game scene from 'Bladed Fury'. NEXT GAMES

Bladed Fury, a beat ‘em up 2D side-scrolling action game from NEXT Studio, is coming to Steam in December.

Based on Chinese myths and legends and features a sophisticated, stylized aesthetic to match, Bladed Fury integrates enchanting music with spectacular, unique Chinese ancient art and a whimsical style to create a magnificent scrolling backdrop of this formative era in Asian history.  In addition to historical elements, the game incorporates sci-fi details, such as weapons like a mechanical arm and a machine gun that they players may acquire as the game progresses.

Gameplay revolves around a fierce beat ‘em up fighting system with a 2D side-scrolling perspective, while also incorporating role-playing elements such as leveling and questing.  The game's original soul system lets players to obtain enemies’ souls after defeat to strengthen the player.  The game also features dual weapon switching, flying props rebound, absolute defense, and other systems that allow players to master the rhythm of combat.  There are also puzzle, maze, and runner modes that will be at the player's disposal.

Bladed Fury is expected to release Dec. 18 as a Windows PC exclusive.

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