MMORPG 'Tales of Wind' to launch by end of April

MMORPG 'Tales of Wind' to launch by end of April NEOCRAFT

Neocraft's upcoming MMORPG, Tales of Wind, will be coming out on iOS and Android in late April, 2019

Tales of Wind takes place on the fantasy continent of Arlesdore, where thousands of years ago a population of demons appeared.  Several of these demons, known as “Calamity Lieges”, were considered to be the most terrible of all.  It's the player's task to discover the truth behind the demons' appearances and bring light back to the world.

Tales of Wind features numerous mysterious dungeons for players tp explore, as well as PvE, PvP, and Guild-versus-Guild combat.  There are also more than 20 different casual activities, including racing, shooting, and quizzes.  Players will also be able to change their outfits, capture cute mounts in this open world, and spark up an in-game romance.

Tales of Wind will be available via Google Play and the App Store by the end of April 2019.

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