Mobile adventure 'Aurora Legend' announced for iOS, Android

Mobile adventure 'Aurora Legend' announced for iOS, Android RASTAR GAMES

Coming in March to iOS and Android devices is adventure game Aurora Legend.

Featuring casual gameplay, players can form a squad with other adventurers to battle the remnants of darkness together via co-op.  Furthermore, Aurora Legend features something called the "Rune System" in which even the weakest weapon, or hero, can become legendary.

Says developer-publisher Rastar Games:

Aurora Legend transports players into the once beautiful, peaceful and prosperous fantasy world of Aurora. This serene landscape was forever changed once demons appeared as they seized the land and its people, thus plunging the world into utter chaos and darkness. Several memorable heroes took arms to fight back against this threat to restore the balance between good and evil, but the war took its toll as players will find Aurora devastated and covered in ruins. It’s now up to them to lead hundreds of heroes to defeat the remnants of darkness, bring light back to the land, and become the legend of a new era.

Pre-registration for the game begins Feb. 26, 2019, at 6 p.m. PT and continues through Mar. 12, 2019, until 07:59 a.m. PT.  Rastar is giving everyone who pre-registers a Sunny AR card and 100 in-game diamonds, as well as additional rewards if certain pre-registration milestones are met.

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