VR game 'Paper Beast' revealed for the Playstation VR

The world of 'Paper Beast'. The world of 'Paper Beast'. PIXEL REEF

The Playstation VR received another announced game for 2019 today, with the announcement of Paper Beast. Developed by the new independent studio Pixel Reef, headed by Another World developer Eric Chahi, Paper Beast sees players set foot in an unexplored, artificial world where bonds are formed with different creatures.

Paper Beast allows players to discover a virtual world where the environments and animals have independently evolved from lost code and forgotten data. Following an unspoken narrative, players will interact with wildlife that adapts its behavior to the player’s actions.

“We are thrilled to reveal Paper Beast to you,” says Eric Chahi. “With this new game, we wanted to create a complete ecosystem, born from the hidden confines of big data. The players will be our explorers, setting out on a creative journey through the spectacles of a virgin world. With the fantastic team at my new studio Pixel Reef, we have found the creative freedom to really delve deep and use the latest technology to tell Paper Beast ’s story. We can’t wait to share our game.”

Paper Beast will be released on the PlayStation VR later in 2019.

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