Viking action RPG 'Rune II' releasing this summer

Battling giants. Battling giants. HUMAN HEAD STUDIOS

Independent developer Human Head Studios has announced that their upcoming viking action RPG, Rune II, will be arriving on the Epic Game Store this summer. Formerly known as Rune: Ragnarok, and inspired by the original Rune from 2000, this game has players fighting beasts and attaining the blessing of a Norse god as they fight to defeat Loki, who has trapped the world in a state of perpetual Ragnarok so that he might live forever. Players will create their own heroes, explore an open world, and even team up with friends and play together.

"We’ve spent the last few years building a story-driven brutal Viking experience and evolving it with the help of our fan base," said Human Head Studios co-founder and CEO Chris Rhinehart. "Players return to Midgard with a sense of familiarity, but with new mechanics such as god-given abilities, open world events, crafting, a full single/co-op campaign, along with UE4 enhanced visuals, making it a true sequel to the original."

Human Head Studios is planning an Ask Me Anything stream tomorrow, May 24, at 3 p.m. Central/1 p.m. Pacific time, on their Twitch channel. Gamers can submit questions via the Rune II Discord.

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