Review: ‘Super Cane Magic ZERO’ (PC)

Review: ‘Super Cane Magic ZERO’ (PC) EPPELA

No game should be judged solely on a single feature. It can have bad story but everything else works and be at least passable for instance. Super Cane Magic ZERO comes in with a major flaw that you either agree with me on or see it as a huge plus. Point is, even with one really low point, it can still hold up.  

Where do I begin with this story. There is a wizard who likes cakes. But he dies, so then a dog gets his powers? So the world is ended by...cake? Maybe? Then a giant cake appears, and you're on mission. Man, this is just the first few minutes. The story is fun (and funny), but it is REALLY fly by the seat of your pants. It's like a roller coaster you think is about to go off the rails. It's all over the place, but it's fun and gets you there. 

This game has been in pre since 2015, and in one way you can tell is the controls. A lot of games rushed out to market make mistakes, and you can always tell from the controls. An odd button for jump, movement that isn't arrows or WASD. Super Cane Magic ZERO had a lot of time to perfect it, and they did. It was unique as it was intuitive. New, yet classic. In short – really good controls. I can't be more specific, but spend some time playing and you get it.


The graphics are, at least in part, the worst I've seen in a video game of this size. While we get some good angles of buildings and really detailed visuals, everyones face in the game is so white and barren. Everyone is one step above a stick figure. And I get this uses a comic sensibility and it can be loved by others, but it was so jarringly poor to me. If you like games more based on realism, this is not the art style for you. If you have young kids or enjoy simpler art, then hey, more power to you. I just personally found it off-putting.

Despite a lot of magic, this is largely a puzzle solver. Your character runs around, talking to cakes and magic folk, and largely hurls things around to open grids and the like. There's also matching and memory bits too and pretty much a mix of puzzles. The real charm comes from interactions with others, but then there we get into story. So while the mechanics and gameplay have been seen in many, many other games, other aspects like the story hold it up.  


Music and sound are pretty retro. Music is a slightly faster paced version of 8-bit games while sounds are the beeps and boops of the time. It fits together oddly well. The playfulness of the game meshes well with retro charm.

The frame rates held up well – the jumpy graphics make it hard to really spot any, but even with the odd graphics I don't think it lagged. And glitches, besides random clipping issues, were non-existent too. Again, a four year tested game really takes care of issues like this.

Super Cane Magic ZERO is a game obviously made for the younger crowd and those with a certain sense of humor. Parts of it drove the game down into the ground for me, but with the RPG elements, it makes for decent game. I just wish they cared as much on the art on graphics like the rest of the game.  

Final Score: 7.7  out of 10

A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of review.

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