Magic's 'Conspiracy' sequel altered (again)

The set symbol for 'Conspiracy: Take the Crown'. The set symbol for 'Conspiracy: Take the Crown'. WOTC

In what Wizards of the Coast calls "the last time", the upcoming sequel to the Magic: the Gathering set Conspiracy has yet again been altered.

Since its announcement four days ago, WotC has renamed the set (Conspiracy: The Reign of Brago to Conspiracy: The Empty Throne) and reduced the card count from 221 to 220.  Today they've done it again, renaming the set Conspiracy: Take the Crown and upping the card count back to 221.  The company promises this is the last time.

"No more jokes. No more intrigue. For real this time," WotC states on the set's announcement webpage.

Thankfully the set's release date of August 26 and retail price of $3.99 per pack have remained constant throughout the whole ordeal.

While these alterations to to the second Conspiracy set are most likely marketing techniques to generate buzz and progress the set's story, would WotC have been better off with just one announcement rather than three?

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