'Assault Android Cactus' coming to PS4 early March

'Assault Android Cactus' coming to PS4 early March WITCH BEAM GAMES

Coming March 8 for PlayStation 4 is Assault Android Cactus, an indie-made game from Witch Beam Games.

Originally released for PC, Assault Android Cactus is an arcade-style twin stick shooter set in a sci-fi universe.  The game has an all-female cast and lets between one and four players blast their way through shoot 'em up chaos on a crippled space freighter overrun by hordes of heavily armed robots.  The game encourages an aggressive style of play where it is  necessary to kill enemies in order to stay alive.

Witch Beam Games, the game's developer, is comprised of "AAA" industry veterans whose resumes include L.A. Noire, Alien Isolation, and Need for Speed.

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